Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Friends, family and faithful blog readers! I'm moving my blog to a new space, please update your links to the new blog found at

This one will remain online, however no more updates.
Thanks so much and see you on the other side!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Vday everyone!

I hope everyone was able to feel the love yesterday!! I feel entirely blessed with my three gorgeous valentines. The kids were adorable and my hubby wonderful as always!

I also was invited to attend a momstown Valentine's day party, where I held a mini portrait party as well! It was so frantic and fun at the same time! I have to say what a gorgeous group of children I had the honour of photographing! Here are a quick sampling of some of the lovely little ones that came out yesterday!

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Friday, February 01, 2008

I've been mia

so sorry about that!! We had some very important houseguests come to visit for the past couple of weeks, Brianna & Ian's Grandparents! They came over for the first time to meet our kids and we all had such a great visit. They live in Brisbane Australia, which is let's say pretty warm all year long, and they came to Canada, to visit us in January! They really wanted to see the snow... which it barely did for them, and of course today it is a full on blizzard, and they're probably already in LA or on the plane back down under.
We are so blessed to have these wonderful people in our lives, and I hope that we can get to see them next, and hopefully sooner rather than later.
Here are some of my favourite photos from the trip!

They brought Ian a mini cricket bat & ball and pegs to be used in the summer, but they got some good cricket-ing (is that even a word?) in while they were here! Ian loves it! But hekeeps wanting to play hockey with it lol.... that's m'boy!!

We took them to the Great Wolf Lodge and had soooo much fun!!

Grandpa celebrated the big 6-0 while he was here and we had to go to Montana's and had scrumptious ribs... yum!
Grandpa got his first snowball in the head and other places, courtesy of his loving son! lol... The kids had a blast outside with him. Grandma and I decided to stay inside where we were safe from snowballs!! lol

What a wonderful visit, we miss you guys already!
Much love!

Stay tuned for more babies...It is baby season, I've had 5 newborn shoots in the past month or so... so lots of new baby photos coming soon!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

Ok so I'm a few days late, but I still want to say it, Happy New Year!!

New Year's are a great time to get organized and get excited about the days and months ahead! The excitement of the holidays are past and now the regular routines can return. I quite love January actually. I love the return to routine and the time to get organized.
I am also happy to congratulate all sorts of couples who have signed with me to photograph their wedding, it's now 2008... it doesn't seem so far away anymore! I am happy for the couples who have contacted me in the past week who have just become engaged too! Very big congratulations! I can't wait for the big day! I love weddings, the magic, anticipation and beauty of two lives coming together. Just amazing.

I have joined a group who is challenging themselves to take a photo each day this year!! I have agreed and will try my best to follow through. The project is starting out with the A,B,C's and I'll post the letters I have done so far. I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to continue this all year, but I'm going to try and I will probably post sporadically my favourites or clumps at a time.

Here are my A, B, C & D so far January is looking great!!

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Monday, December 31, 2007

an early Christmas gift...

by the name of Konrad. I can not imagine anything sweeter than a newborn for the holidays. This gentle little soul was a beautiful reflection of his amazing, fun and beautiful parents. He was 2 weeks old yesterday which is the ideal time for newborn photography as the little ones will do the curl so nicely...

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I have to admit I am a sucker for a close up of baby eyes...

I have lots more photos to go through, but wanted to get your sneak peak up before the New Year!

And on a personal note, I want to stop and thank all of my amazing clients for the most incredible year in 2007!! And I must also thank my charming and encouraging husband and sweet children for all of their support during my staying-up-way-too late nights and hectic schedules. None of this could be possible without the support of my beautiful family.
Through growing pains and monumentous occasions this year has been such a dream come true! I have learned so much and feel like an entirely different person from where I was at this time last year. I can't say enough how much I love what I do and how blessed I feel every day waking up knowing that I have my 'dream' job.

This has only been possible with the beautiful families and couples that call and email me to help them create timeless memories through my photography. So thank you!! I pray that you and your families have a great New Year's celebration tonight and that 2008 be an amazing year for us all!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Engaged Brandon & Rachel!

As much fun as it is to photograph outdoors in "nice" weather, I have to say there is something extra special about going out in the winter and bundling up, wearing nice sweaters and jackets and capturing some really cool connections with a couple in love! Brandon & Rachel are two great examples of this. They were up for anything, and I had so much fun with you two! Here is a sneak peak of your engagement photos, I have lots more, so check the gallery on my site for those(should be up by tomorrow, New Year's Eve).

Thank you so much for sharing this time with me and I hope you love them!!
Looking forward to your big day next year!

Happy New Year's Eve, Eve lol
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas and all that good stuff!!

Ok so I'm a day late, but I still genuinely mean it! What a wonderful holiday I enjoyed this year with my family. I have so much to be thankful for and I feel truly blessed to have such a loving family. The kids were entirely too cute. I could have sat and watched them unwrapping presents all morning, it is SO much fun now that they are really into it! I have taken a couple of days off, but am planning on getting back at it tomorrow for all who have sessions pending, they're coming!! I promise!

In the mean time here is a little sneak peak for the ocean loving family that I photographed just before Christmas. I have lots more, but ... it wouldn't be a sneak preview if I showed them all :)
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